MAM Trust & Equity

Discretion, transparency and high added value. A multi family office that ever thinks ahead to build up your future.


More than ten years of international operations to keep your asset under management of who has experience and excellent results.

MAM is a global multi family office with extensive experience on the fields of trusteeship, financial planning, investment allocation, risk management, tax and estate planning.

In MAM, you may trust in a differentiated staff composed by international multi specialists with global and strategic vision of the current scenario. Thus, it enables the achievement of its mission: to protect, monetize and perpetuate family assets.

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Customized solutions to enlarge your opportunities and your quality of life as well, always thinking ahead.

With extensive experience in already achieved results and the total conviction on the existing potential of optimization in the family patrimony, MAM operates with 100% customized modeling. Based on this premise, we provide several kinds of solutions according to each client’s necessity.

Asset Protection Planning

Risk and Security Management

Own methodology of building the security plan to the wealth assets (life and equity) from the analysis of the current and future scenario and the particularities of each family. Designing and performing concrete actions that are necessary to settle the exposure to relentless risks and also to those which we can’t predict and that may happen, radically changing the scenario in which we operate.

Market credibility and trust for you

The best and most sophisticated groups available to your goals. MAM has solid relations at its customer services.